Sobre Ultimate Radpunch

Ultimate Radpunch, floatable modules Includes: 2D CAD – Full 2D sheet metal drafting system, Macro tools, DXF, DWG & IGES data translation modules CAM Punch – Automatic geometry tooling for multiple machine tools, Automatic nesting of rectangular components across multiple sheet sizes, Machine tool and cycle time simulation, Operators notes for machine tool setup, Program output to file Radnest – High Performance Nesting for automatic scheduling of irregular shaped components 3D CAD – Parametric sheet metal modeling features, Automatic part unfolding, Assembly modeling, 3D solid creation, Solid model skinning, Associative drawing elevations, SAT file import/export, Flat to Fold.

Importación y Procesamiento de Datos de Geometría y Requisitos Automatizado. Para la mayor parte de las empresas del sector de la chapa, el trabajo de la preparación de piezas para el anidado es muy lento.