Ultimate Turning

Ideal para cubrir cualquier necesidad de mecanizado de piezas de fresa-Torno para cualquier máquina-herramienta.

Sobre Ultimate Turning

Includes: Essential, Standard & Advanced Turning.

Multi-Axis Turning for Mill/Turn applications. Includes Feature Finder, Strategy Manager, Edgecam Simulator, facing, rough / finish turning, threading, rough / finish grooving, hole cycles, sub-spindle part transfer, Lathe Index, bar pull and synchronized 4-axis rough turning / facing. B, C and Y-axis milling capability includes 3D roughing with automatic rest roughing, adaptive feedrates, trochoidal and flatland milling options, 3D profile finishing with cusp-height, check surface and helical milling options, flatlands, rest flatlands finishing strategies, Parallel Lace Up/Down control, Finish Shallow Areas (Projection), Steep Shallow Rest Finishing, Constant Cusp Finishing, Contact Angle Control, Multi-tool Rest Finishing, Pencil Milling and Check Surface Control. Also includes Freeform surface and 3D wireframe design with IGES, VDA-FS, DXF and DWG file loaders and Productivity Toolbox with Job Manager, ToolStore and Code Wizard.

Incluye: Essential, Standard & Advanced Turning.

Torneado Multi-Eje para aplicaciones de Fresa/Torno. Incluye, soporte para máquinas de múltiples torretas (3 y 4 torretas/ATC), Soporte de Sub-husillo. Movimiento de Contorneado del eje B, incremento de estrategias para terminación de superficie lateral, Ciclos de proyección, Estrategias para zonas profundas. Mecanizado de terminación de cúspide constante, control de ángulo de contacto, terminación de restos multi-herramienta, Control de contacto de superficies.

Un paquete de Edgecam Essential Milling y Edgecam Essential Turning.