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Radan Process Management

RADAN es la solución CAD/CAM total para la industria de la chapa de metal.

Calculate The Costs Of Sheet Metal Parts For Quick & Accurate Quotes.

eQuote has been specifically designed for the sheet metal industry for the fast efficient quoting of sheet metal parts. Utilising Radan’s extensive manufacturing capabilities allows eQuote to arrive quickly at accurate costs and professional quotations for the typical multiple operations involved in production. eQuote also works without CAD data by simply adding the basic part information and any operations and materials required, but utilising CAD data automates a lot of these sequences.

e2i is process management designed for sheet metal manufacturing (only available in the UK). Utilising all of the functionality and power of eQuote and adding order management, shop floor routings, stock control, purchasing and everything you will need up to producing the invoice and transferring to your accounts system. Fully integrated with Radan’s CADCAM system allows control that many typical MRP systems just can’t match. Utilising a robust industry standard Microsoft SQL database e2i sits nicely in the needs of sheet metal subcontractors and any production environment.

Radimport can create a Radan Nest Project from the parts you have imported. You have the option to edit the quantities and other properties of the parts before creating the Nest Project. Radimport can automatically launch the Radan Nester for you to start nesting straight away.

Radquote comes with a standard set of cost calculations for operations like: material consumption; laser cutting; punching; bending , welding, painting, sub contracting and assembly. These operations can be customised and new operations added to meet your requirements. Quote level operations, such as analysis and transport cost, are also included.

Radan eQuote

Presupuestos rápidos y precisos para los componentes de chapa de metal y ensamblajes eQuote se ha desarrollado específicamente para la industria de la chapa por Radan con el fin de obtener presupuestos rápidos y eficientes de piezas de chapa de metal y ensamblajes.

Radan e2i

Cualquier cosa que necesite para gestionar un entorno de fabricación de chapa. e2i consiste en la gestión de procesos para los entornos de chapa.

Radan Radimport

Importación y Procesamiento de Datos de Geometría y Requisitos Automatizado. Para la mayor parte de las empresas del sector de la chapa, el trabajo de la preparación de piezas para el anidado es muy lento.

Radan Radquote

Utilice la potencia de Radan para mejorar la precisión en el cálculo de los costes. El uso de la potencia del conjunto de productos de Radan hace que Radquote sea único, rápido y muy preciso para obtener, con unos pocos clics, los presupuestos que necesita para hacer crecer su negocio.

Radan Radmanager

Radmanager is a simple way of entering your customer order data and turning it into nest projects within Radan. This enables parts from different customer orders to be combined into one nest project in order to maximise efficiency and material usage.

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